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    OEM software resellers: to buy or not to buy?


      Hi people,


      this is the point of my situation. On the next year i'll take a degree in IT but i like webdesign, and in the while i'm going to do some pratice with tools as DW, PS. I'm sure in the next future i'll need also AI.
      The problem is the price: i don't want PS elements, just for the fact that it is worth the money just for some time to come; the CS6 version is a greater version and it is a trade-off for tool/price ( CC is too expensive ).


      So i would pay about 600 euros for the "Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium Student edition", on the Adobe store. (why AI is not sold alone?! i would just need PS, DW and AI.. they fork me to buy all the pack).

      i've just found this OEM version for an amazing price.. please visit the url: PIRATE URL REMOVED BY ADMIN


      What do you think about this? A very strange thing is..  that url