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    How do I turn off hot key commands for the application menu/main nav?

    JackofHearts Level 1

      (I am using Photoshop CC on windows 7 64bit)


      I continue to have this problem which in many ways slows down my workflow. It is a bit difficult to explain so bare with me here.


      When I am working through the different functions and tools like switching from the polygonal lasso tool to duplicating a layer and then nudging the image with the directional keys the application menu/main nav is selected instead of the designated hot key and I need to hit esc twice to exit the main nav selection and go back to the tool I was using... “I did say this would be hard to explain”.


      Let me paint a specific scenario that causes this to happen:


      I want to create a mirror reflection for a product. I first duplicate the product image, then I flip it vertically and drag it to the bottom of the base image. Then I hit the directional up button to nudge it into place but this doesn’t work because by hitting the directional button ‘File’ from the main nav is selected. In order to return to the ‘move tool’ I need to hit esc twice or hit the mouse button once. This may not sound like a big deal and it’s not but do this 500 times a day for a week with the ‘polygonal lasso tool or PLT’ and tell me it’s not a big deal after that. When using the ‘PLT’ you have no option but to hit the esc button twice because if you click the mouse button you place an anchor for the PLT and chance loosing anything you have already preselected with the PLT.


      Anyway, moral of the story is... I have a mouse which is more than proficient in selecting File, Edit, Image, Type and any other main nav query. I would love the hot keys to select just the tools and simply leave the main nav out of it... when I first purchased CS5 this function was not apparent. It was only after an update or maybe I blindly changed a preference and poof... every second hot key I push I select something from the main nav which is a completely pointless and annoying function for me which I have never used and never ever will.


      Please Adobe tech masters, help me! I will be forever in your debt.