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    Is the GTX 880m 8GB DDR5 GPU worth it?


      I've been deciding to get a laptop for a few months now and bit the bullet last week to buy an MSI GT70 with a 780m Nvidia GPU with 4GB DDR5. Out of curiosity I was skimming through Ebay going through some laptops when I noticed a brand new listing for another MSI that will be out next Tuesday with the Nvidia 880m that has 8GB of DDR5 vram. You can imagine my frustration. I have heard about the 880m gpu and it having (when I first read about it, rumored) 8GB vram, but I thought it wouldn't be in any quickly available model for at least another month or two. My fault.


      Anyway, I am getting the laptop tomorrow, and I am quite happy with everything inside of it otherwise. It has 32GB 1600MHz ram, an i7-4900 CPU, 480GB SSD, two 1TB 7200RPM drives, and the GTX 780m.


      My question is will the 880m with the extra 4GB of ram really make a difference? I do a lot of work on Premiere Pro (anywhere between 30 second clips, to four hour videos for events), I use After Effects often, and do a ton of Encore projects. I also render 3D work on the side, although at the present it is not part of my main workload. As far as Cuda cores and the speed, they are almost identical, so it all counts on if the 8GB would actually be used. I am only going to be working on the main laptop screen and a side monitor at the most a majority of the time because I travel and edit more than work on my desktop currently.


      Also, would the computer even be able to utilize all of it properly, or would there be any bottlenecks? Thanks!

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          We havent tested it here but the extra 4GB Vram wont make much difference unless working on 4K or other high resolution frames right now.However I expect the GPU's to have higher performance in general for acceleration so I would still get the 880M if someone can wait for it.




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            Hey Eric,  Bill Gehrke said this to me about the 880m. and I wanted to know what you think.


               The specs on this new GPU are lousy (memory bandwidth of only 64 GB/s versus of the GTX 780M which has a 160 GB/s).  We have had no reports on the actual performance yet because it is so new.  I have run many benchmarks on the GPU. It is sort of mind-boggling to figure out why nVidia would issue a new series of products with inferior specs.  Maybe memory bandwidth is not an important specification for gaming but it sure is for Adobe MPE based CUDA operations.  I recently have run over 50 tests of MPE acceleration on a whole series of GPU's and a bunch of them included overclocking the GPU memory.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              I just talked to Eric about this and they still do not have one in-house to test.

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                Simon Hui

                i own the new GTX880M 8GB version on my new laptop, but i can't get it to work. it does recognize and it does have the GPU acceleration, but i can't get any playback(blackscreen on the playback area) or Pre render done(it stuck on 0.01%) on my 4K timelapse sequence.

                i am using the newest Nvidia Driver and using CS6 Pr, i have no idea why that is not working for me . Hope someone can solve the problem (:

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                  JFPhoton Level 3

                  ...first of all.....it has been reported here on this forum that the newest version of PPro Cloud 2014 contains a massive improvement  regarding performance editing 4K material. CS6 is getting "old" now, and getting farther and farther behind the newest versions.

                      Secondly, it is important for us to know the REST of your system details AND how you are trying to run the program. You may have a hardware issue....like only one , slow, hard drive...or, maybe not enough SYSTEM RAM. Or, you may be operating the software in a manner that could case problems....like adding plug ins that are single threaded and cannot be accelerated,or, maybe your sequence specs do not match those of your clips.

                     In general, 4k is going to be very demanding on a laptop.....even with tip-top upgrades....as compared to a suitable desktop. However, you need to provide more info in order for someone to help.

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                    Simon Hui Level 1

                    as stated before i have that problem, but i find the solution and now has already been fix. the solution is in this thread: Black Screen (source and preview) when using GPU acceleration (CUDA) [NVidia GTX 780M]

                    the solution is quote from that thread 'the solution for me was to check the Nvidia settings. My setup has both an onboard GPU and a Nvidia GPU (on purpose specifically for video editing and gaming). Normally the system should switch to Nvidia automatically. However, the Nvidia settings for Premiere where set to favor the onboard GPU. After changing this. everything works fine again'

                    but thanks for reply anyway

                    my system spec: I7-4810MQ

                                               GTX880M 8GB

                                               24GB RAM

                                               256GB SSD for editing

                                               1 TB HDD for other storage

                    the model of my laptop is SAGER np-8268s with 880M upgrade.

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                      Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                      That is a great laptop.


                      1. Laptops need to be plugged in to get great results, on battery power the CPU and GPU will get slowed down reducing your performance
                      2. If you would like to see how well it is tuned, configured and tweaked run our Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM)
                      3. If you sign up at that site you can see the results.
                      4. Remember you are running Premiere CS6 which was not optimized like the latest CC version.  This Laptop scores can be seen if you sort on the Laptop column but that is with CC and CC 2014.  I did not record a CS6 set of numbers
                      5. You can easily and safely run the GPU faster than the default settings by overclocking the GPU Memory.  I have a laptop right here with a GTX 765 and I found that for power conservation the factory GPU memory speed in this laptop was set to ~1000 MHz when looking at the GPU-Z information.  With an overclocking tool (I used EVGA Precision X) I was able to safely run mine at 1500 MHz.  Your setting will depend on your laptops cooling of the GPU.

                      Here are my results, note number 1 that I had a fully loaded GPU, number 2 it was running at 1514.7 MHz and number 3 that the GPU temperature at this full load was only 56°C while sitting on a "laptop" board on my lap.  The load at this time was our PPBM MPEG2-DVD with GPU timeline