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    Profiling application but component does not appear in Live Objects

    RandomReado Level 1

      I have built an application using Flash Builder 4.6 and Flex SDK 4.6, which consists of many custom-built components, some of which are vast and contain lots of code. When I run the application, one of the components which loads using PopUpManager is causing the memory usage in Task Manager to increase and despite closing/reopening the component, the memory usage never goes down, only up. Eventually the process runs out of memory and crashes.


      So I'm trying to profile the application. When I run the profiler, I can see all the classes opening into the Live Objects window. However when I load the component which is eating the memory, it appears in my application but does not appear in Live Objects, nor does any of its children.


      What would cause this to occur?


      Also am I doing the right thing by using components or should I be using modules instead?