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    Unable to package necessary links Error Message


      I’m using InDesign CC and when I went to package a file as I have done countless times before, I was met with the error message: Unable to package necessary links.

      I’ve done some digging around and found several other people who have encountered the same problem so I employed the following to find a soluton:

      1 – None of the file names have a / in them, which was sited as the most common reason this would happen.
      2 – I tried resaving all the links to a new location and was met with another error message that the links could not be moved.
      3 – I renamed two of my images as they had extremely long names and this was also sited as a reason for this error.

      I still can’t package it and the error message is frustrating since it doesn’t explain why it can't package the links and preflight shows no issues with the document.