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    Collage problems


      Why am I unable to make collages (when I could do this several weeks ago? I keepgetting 'pop up box stating error 400, and cannot proceed.  Allt eh choices for collages have a small blue triangle in the corner now.  I recenlty purchased adobe photshop elements 7 and premiere elements 7......and have windows 7

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          First of all you in the wrong forum you want the Photoshop Elements forum.  Elements is less powerful then Photoshop but does have a collage feature. Photoshop does not have a Collage feature  for collages can be made easily many different ways.  There is no real need for collage feature though I have created a Photo Collage toolkit for Photoshop which has script to populate templates interactively, automatically and in batches. With options for labeling images and adding layer styles.



          Elements forum http://forums.adobe.com/community/photoshop_elements please read the following




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