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    Difference of links path between Mac and Windows

    jmlevy Adobe Community Professional

      We currently use an InDesign Server solution on Mac to generate our PDF. InDesign files are created on Mac and our InDesign server points to volumes where are stored links. On Mac, the path looks like this:



      We consider to migrate our InDesign server onto Windows. So I began some tests on a client version and the same InDesign file opened on Windows and whose links are stored in the same place opens with missing links as the path on Windows looks like this: volume_name\volume\FOLDER_1\SUBFOLDER_1\SUBFOLDER_2\LINK_NAME

      So I have to relink manually, which is impossible in our workflow.


      Does anyone know if we may encounter the same problem with a server version? If yes, do you know a script that automatically relink image files when InDesign files will be opened by InDesign Server?