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    Why am I repeatedly being asked to log in?


      Three times today already for ID. And twice for Adobe Acrobat. Every time I get up to have a coffee I sit down and all the text has gone pink and I need to log in again. Some days it's worse than others, I can sometimes go a whole week without having to log in and then, like today, wtf? I pay for Cloud membership, yet I am still asked to 'register my trial software' every few weeks and the system keeps saying 'this product will now be registered to ...'. Do you have to reregister the software EVERY time there is a version upgrade or what?

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That fix doesn't work, and I hope they keep working on this and don't sit back thinking it's solved, because it isn't.


          I ran the IMSLib Replacer, after first signing out of CC, and it completed successfully (and yes, I had those four entries in the PDApp.log). But I still get sign-outs.


          Now, I'm convinced the diagnosis is correct. I'm always signed out when my USB external is connected. It may take 15 seconds or 4 minutes, but the sign-out will happen. OTOH I'm never signed out when the external is not connected (or at least not since I became aware of this).


          There is a workaround: it seems the sign-outs don't happen if I make sure no CC applications are open as long as the USB disk is connected. If I eject the disk before opening any applications, it seems to go well. Since I use the disk for backup only, that's OK with me. But others might need to work off the disk.




          As bugs go, some are more serious than others. Those that threaten to lock the user completely out of the software and throw away the key are the most serious of all. This one is in that category, because if for some reason you lose the internet connection you simply can't sign back in.


          So I sincerely hope they keep at it. Some official comment or status update would be nice BTW...

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            PixbyTed Level 1

            Got this reply from Adobe by posting on Facebook. What do your think?  Is this an admission that there is a problem?Adobe apology 2.JPGAdobe confession.JPG

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              Aloof Level 1

              We don't need Adobe's confessions. This bug completely destroys the working experience for paying customers. I can't believe they can't sort out a simple thing as a consistent login in 2014. Among all the abysmal implementations of "new features" such as the broken Photoshop text styles, the Fireworks memory meltdown and Illustrator new memory leaks, this might be the worst. End of frustrated rant.