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    Retain Word Style when I Place document




      I have modified all of my STYLES in my word document Inside of the Word Application.

      I chose fonts that are readily available in InDesign CC.


      I want to PLACE my complete Document and carry over all of these STYLES from word.

      Then from InDesign, I will modify a few things.


      Can someone provide the BEST STRATEGY to carry over STYLES from my

      Word Document.



      I read many discussion posts and suggestions about:


      Retaining formatting.


      Options that can be enabled or disabled such as:

      1. Generate CSS

      2.Preserve local overrides

      3. Include embedded fonts.


      AGAIN.... Confusion and even the posts discuss this confusion from others.


      I am unclear about those listed options above and the end result of each option.

      Can someone please help me to clarify these things.


      Note: I do NOT have any italic or bold text   ! !