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    Threading Table Issue

    ABeatlesFan Level 1

      Hi, here's the issue. I created an incredibly long table that spans multiple pages. When I click the thread/link button (red plus sqaure at the bottom right of the text box) and link it to the next text box, the top entries are listed not the bottom ones that have been cut off. I'm not sure what's happening and I'm not sure what to search to find an answer.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This could happen if the table rows are set to Header Rows.


          Highlight the Rows in the previous page, right click and choose Convert to Body Rows.

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            ABeatlesFan Level 1

            Thank you so much, that was EXACTLY what was wrong. I've got one more question, it's not a big hassle if it can't be done. I have headers that separate the different products into the different categories and know that I can get them to repeat on the next page. The category headers are in the same table as the products themselves. The problem is I've also created a separate table for the column names as it's own header. Unfortunately, the columns aren't lining up, so It looks like this.



            | Product Name | SKU | Specs | Price |

            |                    Category 1                       |

            | Product 1 | 201102 | 23" x 13" x 5" | $3.00 |



            So the "body" table is with the category headers are set up the way they need to. Is there any way to get the column names' table to line-up automatically or more simply, have the copyied tables linked together so if I change the one, the rest do as well?