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    Use Top/Left instead of webkit transform in Adobe Edge Animate


      I had a nice simple interaction using Adobe Edge Animate with jquery ui draggable and droppable. You drag boxes from one area into other places. All worked fine.

      Then, I decided to add an entrance animation for the boxes. That ruined everything because jquery draggable animates the top: left: values of your object, but somehow adding animation in Edge made it set top: and left: to 0 and use webkit transformX / Y.

      So now as soon as I begin dragging, the box jumps way down because draggable is animating the top: left:, and Edge Animate is keeping the transform

      Is there a way to force EA to use top: left: for animation? Note, part of the box entrance includes a rotation, so possibly that's why it decided to use transform so it could do the X / Y and rotate all in one.

      Any ideas?