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    Unable to switch between tools in Photoshop CC.

    KenEdge Level 1

      Hi, I am seriously about to loose my mind over this problem.


      I use key commands to speed up my work flow while creating storyboards. 


      Say I have the brush selected and i want to erase a bit of a line I would switch to the eraser tool just by tapping E and when I'm done switch back to brush tapping B. Currently , this sometimes requires me to hit the key up to 10 times before it switches if it works at all. Sometimes I have to switch out of the program and switch back before I'm able to change tools. This also will happen when I hit the bracket keys to increase/decrease the brush size of the tool I'm using . This obbiously is seriously slowing down my work flow.


      I'm also having issues with the lasso tool. When making a selection the line will dissappear, sometimes to reappear and sometimes the path just closes (without double clicking).

      I've read these forums in search of a solution and tried, Trashing Photoshops Preferences, and Updating my Waccom (Intuos 3) driver to no avail.


      I run photoshop on a iMac with OS X 10.9.2, 3.5Ghz Intel Core i7 and 32g of Ram.



      Any other suggestions?