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    Adobe Exchange wont install into photoshop CC

    Otmaxo Level 1

      Running Photoshop CC on Windows 7 on a work networked PC.


      I have tried to install directly inside photoshop but it just hangs when it says it needs to launch extension manager. I then tried to do it just with extension manager already open but this didn't help. I then closed photoshop and tried to install exchange via Adobe extension manager CC. When I do it seems to launch it and I have to accept the t&c's but then it comes up with the error: File path "\\hm" is invalid. The extension will not be installed.


      Now \\hm is the network path but what I don't understand is why exchnage is trying to go via this path as everything is installed locally on my machine and I am calling the Adobe Exchange install file directly from the hard drive.


      Hope that all makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated!