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    Unable to create freeform topics.


      RoboHelp 7 HTML

      Version 7.03.001

      Generating in Flash Help


      I would like to start by providing a little background. We have built many large projects in RoboHelp 6 over the years.  We recently needed to upgrade to RoboHelp 7.  In doing so, I have converted all projects to the new version.


      Previously, in RoboHelp 6, if I needed to create a new Topic I could either simply right click and create New Topic or even duplicate an existing topic and edit the new instance. I would use the default style sheet and template when creating or duplicating. This would create a topic page that was fully customizable (e.g., did not require a header, body, etc.). I could then drag the topic to create links to the page or even as Pop Ups. This worked flawlessly and was very user friendly!


      In RoboHelp 7, I went to create a new Topic with the intention of using it as a Pop Up and link to it on an existing page. Each new page I create, even when no template is selected and is using the default style sheet, I am forced to use a Field which auto-fills the title of the pop up and then the body. It is not a freeform page as before.  If I attempt to remove the field or duplicate off an existing topic, edit the new page, and then link to it, it displays the text from the old topic. I can't even see my edits.  It is like I linked to what I duplicated from, which is not the case. These issues seem to either be using the style sheet to override my edits (even though the page looks fine) or when I duplicate from a topic it makes the old content the style sheet for the new page, regardless of what information I put on the new page.


      In short, I am not able to create new Topics that are freeform. This leaves me with two questions:

      • Is there a way to disable templates and style sheets so that I can simply make a new topic that has no restrictions on formatting?
      • Is there a reason that when I duplicate from an existing topic and edit the newly created page that when I link to the new page it displays the other pages content?




      Thanks for any help!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Justin


          I'm pretty confused by your post. I say that because while there have certainly been changes between RoboHelp versions, there is nothing that restricts anything as you seem to be describing.


          Perhaps it will help if you could share some screen captures. For example, you talk about being forced to use a Field that auto fills.


          So if you are able, give us some screen captures to help us better visualize what is happening.


          Cheers... Rick

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            JustinAshley Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response and sorry for the confusion!  I have provided an image with big numbers and I will walk you through each.


            1. The left shows the Topic, a pop up, that I will duplicate from. The right blue picture is the content on the topic.
            2. I have clicked to create a duplicate called Alpha Code 2 using no template.
            3. There is the new Alpha Code 2 topic and the blue right shows that I have edited the content on the new topic (Alpha Code 2)
            4. I am attempting to link from a separate topic to the new topic as a pop up. So, this image shows some basic text that will be the clickable pop up (test) that I will highlight and drag and drop Alpha Code 2 ontop of to create the link.
            5. Shows the hyperlink page.  As you can see, although I am on Alpha Code 2, the preview window shows the data that is on Alpha Code (the topic i duplicated from).  It is like that no matter what I click, New page, As pop Up, preset dimension pop up.  If I go back and look at the Alpha Code 2 topic, it looks like it does in picture 3.  Why?




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              Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Is this behaviour acting the same in one of the sample projects?

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                My guess is that you haven't yet saved the topic. When you create the popup link, the preview will be showing what the topic looks like on disk. You can confirm by looking at the topic tab. It will likely have an asterisk next to it, indicating it is dirty and hasn't been saved yet.


                Try clicking File > Save All and see if that fixes it.


                Cheers... Rick

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                  JustinAshley Level 1

                  WOW!  It was that simple?  Yes, there was an asterisk on the topic tab.  I saved, and voila! Asterisk gone, and now it links appropriately. This feature was not in RoboHelp 6.  If we created a topic and linked, it was immediately visible in preview and we could test functionality prior to saving.  In my mind that was better as we could undo if it did not look the way we wanted prior to saving.


                  You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir!  Thank you for the help.

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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Well, unfortunately I no longer have RoboHelp 6 to test. But as far as I remember it's always worked this way.


                    Glad you got it sorted!


                    Cheers... Rick