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    Adobe Premiere + GV-HD700/1+WIN7


      I am trying to hookup our GV-HD700/1 to a Dell Latitude laptop running WIN7.    I'm not using FW - just the USB connector.  Adobe Premiere 4.0 is loaded on the laptop.


      When I connect the GV-HD700/1 to the laptop, I get the message:


      USB Mass Storage Device - Ready to Use

      Sony Camcorder USB Device - Ready to Use


      But the GV only shows up under Devices and Printers as a Sony Camcorder, but not under Devices with removable storage.

      The WIN7 drivers that are installed are:


      disk.sys v 6.1.7600.16385

      epndxlat.sys v 1.01.0045.0

      partmgr.sys v 6.1.7600.163.85

      stdcfltn.sys v


      Would the Win7 Lagacy Driver and Capture (post #18 by John T Smith) also work in my situation?  The links he posted also referred to FW - so I'm not sure at this point what I need to do.


      If anyone has any suggestions on what I need to do . . . . I'm open.