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    Camera Raw 8.4 beta Preview facility


      In Camera Raw 8.4 the three new Preview buttons (Mode, Swap and Copy), at the bottom right hand corner of the image area, enable comparison of the image before and after adjustments in ACR.  However, the buttons show the accumulative changes which have resulted from the progressive use of the individual Panels (ie: Basic, Tone Curve, Detail, HSL / Grayscale etc).   How do I see and evaluate the specific changes which I make with regard to each individual Panel:  in other words, can I turn on /off the effects of each individual Panel  without affecting the changes I have made with the other Panels?   I am aware that I can do this for local correction changes with the Adjustment Brush by right clicking on the relevant adjustment pin, but how do I do evaluate the adjustments I have made for each of the individual main Panels?


      Thom Hanahoe