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    ColdFusion 9 remote debugging on multiple instance server


      Okay, so I've been tinkering with this for the past few days and have made little to no ground.


      My scenario:

      I've got a multiple-instance server within my network, but on a different machine.

      I'm trying to use ColdFusion Builder 2

      My ColdFusion version is 9.0.2

      My ColdFusion install type is Multiple Instance with RDS enabled

      I'm using IIS 6


      My Problem: I cannot get debugging to work in ColdFusion Builder.


      What I'm trying to do: Configure the server to pause on breakpoints from my IDE, to allow me to step through the code and see how it's working.




      All of my virtual sites share the same IP, but use different host headers for browser access.

      In the RDS configuration screen, I'm able to "Test Connection" successfully, but "Test Debugger" return the following error.


      Test debugger failed.

      The debugger server is currently listening on port 2,059.

      This port is not the debugger port set in the ColdFusion Administrator. This port is selected randomly each time the debugger server starts.