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    whats the best way to make scollbar timeline?


      whats the best way to make scollbar timeline?


      so when im scrolline to the right or left side , the timeline follows!


      id tried some different way ,but i dont think its good.


      1 way was. on my stage in scroll:


      var animationWidth = 5000;

      var stageWidth = sym.$("Stage").width();

      var scrollPos = sym.$("Stage").scrollLeft();

      var duration = sym.getDuration();

      var percent = scrollPos / (animationWidth-stageWidth);

      var time = duration * percent;

      // Update timeline



      it works but is giving me double scroolbar and the second scrollbar is scrolling out of the "stage"!


      2- way i tried was:




      // insert code for scroll event here

      var myCalc = e.currentTarget.scrollLeft/(e.currentTarget.scrollWidth-e.currentTarget.clientWidth);

      var pos = Math.round( myCalc * sym.getDuration() );



      //console.log('e.currentTarget.scrollLeft = '+e.currentTarget.scrollLeft);

      //console.log('e.currentTarget.scrollWidth = '+e.currentTarget.scrollWidth);

      //console.log('e.currentTarget.clientWidth = '+e.currentTarget.clientWidth);

      console.log('pos = '+pos);


      also working but same result as last.


      anybody know a stabil way to do thid , or how to fix this?