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    Having terrible font issues


      I am slowly going insane so some help would be greatly appreciated.


      I have recently upgraded to CC and am now getting regular issues in InDesign.


      I will try and explain what is happening.


      About a month ago I started on a Product Catalogue. I would work on the document one day and then the next day I would open up the same document on the same computer and it would tell me that the fonts I use do not exist.

      After alot of research I found if I re-copied the fonts into my widows/fonts folder the issue would go away.

      The fonts were not in the InDesign list when I tried to replace them but they existed when I looked in Word. When I copy the fonts into my fonts folder it tells me they are already there and do I want to overwrite, I reply yes and the issue was going away.


      Just this week I have found that copying the fonts across like I have been doing every day for over a month is no longer working!


      So yesterday morning I opened the files that I worked on the day before to be told the fonts do not exist. I copied the fonts over and I still have the issue. I have signed out and back in and the issue is still there. The only thing I can do is for every file I open I have to find and replace the fonts individually. It is driving me nuts. The differences seems to be that some fonts are called Antenna-bold in the font family and you just chose Regular in the font type. I have to chose Antenna in the font family and Bold as the font type. I do however have both types of fonts saved as I have .ttf fonts and .otf of the font family.  I have deleted all the Antenna fonts from my font folder and reinstalled just one type, it solved my problem for a day.


      Today I open up the files I worked on yesterday (and replaced all fonts individually with find and replace) and the fonts are missing again. I look in my fonts folder and they are not there. I looked in a Word document and they are not there to chose. I copied and paste into the font folder the same .otf fonts from yesterday. I return to InDesign and the issue is fixed.....every day!


      My IT department has never seen this issue before and are blaming Creative Cloud. I must admit this wasn't happening before I upgraded from CS5 to CC.


      Can anyone help me please?