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    Photomerge and other tools problems


      Photomerge (panorama) and Open as layers in Photoshop, will not work from either Bridge CC or Lightroom LR5 and Photoshop CC on my iMac (2013), but work perfectly on my Macbook Pro 13" (2009). Both OS's and Applications are virtually identical and both worked perfectly a month ago. Merge to panorama sends the message "documents must be saved before they can be merged". "Open as layers in Photoshop" doesn't do anything. I have proceeded with all the forms of corrections (preferences, uninstall and re-install, etc. I even bought a new iMac and installed Photoshop CC, Bridge CC and Lightroom 5 on a new clean system. The results are the same. Other people seem to share this problem, but no one from Adobe seems to interested. Any help - anywhere?