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    Sending AE CC to AME CC - any issues?

    KeithGoldstein Level 1

      There were certain settings in CS6 that I needed to remember to turn on before exporting to AME. Is this still the case in CC?


      With CS6, whenever I would send an AE comp to AME to render, I had to make sure that a couple things were set properly:

      - Motion blur (if used) had to be turned on for each layer, as well as turn on the Enable Motion Blur button in the comp timeline toolbar.

      - If I reduced the quality in the compositon view window (say to 1/4 quality for preview purposes), I would have to set that back to Full Quality, or the render would come out at a reduced quality.


      In CC, I have AE set for force Full Quality and Motion Blur, regardless of how the view and layer settings are set. So if I render directly from AE, I no longer need to worry about changing my comp back to full quality or enabling motion blur before rendering. Does this setting transfer to AME when I queue a comp render? Or do I have to set my comp to full quality and enable motion blur again manually, as I have listed above in the CS6 workflow?