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    Sending AE CC to AME CC - any issues?

    KeithGoldstein Community Member

      There were certain settings in CS6 that I needed to remember to turn on before exporting to AME. Is this still the case in CC?


      With CS6, whenever I would send an AE comp to AME to render, I had to make sure that a couple things were set properly:

      - Motion blur (if used) had to be turned on for each layer, as well as turn on the Enable Motion Blur button in the comp timeline toolbar.

      - If I reduced the quality in the compositon view window (say to 1/4 quality for preview purposes), I would have to set that back to Full Quality, or the render would come out at a reduced quality.


      In CC, I have AE set for force Full Quality and Motion Blur, regardless of how the view and layer settings are set. So if I render directly from AE, I no longer need to worry about changing my comp back to full quality or enabling motion blur before rendering. Does this setting transfer to AME when I queue a comp render? Or do I have to set my comp to full quality and enable motion blur again manually, as I have listed above in the CS6 workflow?

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          Rick Gerard ACP/MVP

          AME still renders the comps exactly as you have them set up. The render settings in the render Cue don't matter, but if you have a layer set to draft quality or motion blur turned off they will not render.

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            Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

            When rendering After Effects comps in AME, the rule of thumb is WYSIWYG. Whatever the Comp panel shows is what AME will render.

            The exception to this is the viewer controls at the bottom of the Comp panel: resolution, grids/guides, channels, etc. Those only affect how you view the comp, they don't affect the content of your comp, which is what AME cares about.


            In other words, AME will render your comp the way it is set up in the Timeline panel.