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    Runner Header glitch

    posterns-design Level 1

      So I have running headers for a book on the right hand page tied to Chapter titles. The Running header also has a page number with it. They work fine, except for those Chapter titles that span two lines. The two line titles are showing up with an extra space after the last word, so that rather than two spaces between the running head and the page number there are now three. I've checked to make sure there is no trailing space after the last word of the title.


      Originally, I had the two line chapter titles set up with a different paragraph style, but realized that would not work as the title wouldn't show up since ruunning heads can only be tied to one style. So since there are only a handful of chapters with 2 line titles, I assigned the regular Chaptter Title style and manually adjusted the titles to match the style I needed. But, I keep getting the extra space after the running header text. I even tried reverting back to my 2 line chapter title style and creating a different master page with the 2 line style tied to the 2 line chapter title, but still no luck.


      Any ideas or workarounds (besides manually adjusting the running head on the page)?