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    CS6 128 page printed Catalogue to epub or pdf



      I am using Indesign CS6.


      I have 2 separate questions relating to the 1 document, so this may need to be split and posted on other Indesign forums, but thought I would start here.


      I have created a 128 facing page A4 (3mmbleed) catalogue for print. (that prints perfectly)


      Now I have been asked to provide this as document as 2 separate items

      1. an epub document.
      2. export the data to a spreadsheet


      The original print version has numerous TOCS, para styles etc, multiple tables per page, with images inserted in last column of each row of each table, in numerous stories.


      1. I've not used Epub before, but had a brief read through the help files and am now wondering if Epub is not the best option for magazine style catalogues and that I should stick with a pdf?


      2.  I have plugins for InCat & InData, but as the document was not initially required to be setup for exporting the data as a spreadsheet, so not sure what the best method is to produce a spreadsheet at this end stage.


      Any suggestions most welcome!


      ps: it is Friday arvo here, so I won't be ignoring any comments, but may not see them to reply to before Monday am my time.




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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Can you post a screenshot of a typical page within your catalog?

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            WorkingSti11 Level 1

            Hi Michael, thanks for replying.


            I have cropped the margins, page number etc, to minimise scaling to a readable copy.


            This page has 6 different paragraph styles, 2 are part of indexing TOC pages.

            There are 5 stories, 3 tables, each table has a different qty of columns/headings.

            The first table has data merged down 3 rows.

            The first Part No has 3 images inserted into the last cell.

            (in hindsight had I known that I would need to export for Epub I would have saved the 3 images as 1 jpg)

            Throughout the 118 pages, there are cells with multiple images that would need to be saved as 1 image per cell,
            or (not shown here) eg: 1 image used for 4 Part No's so 4 cells merged to represent 1 image for 4 Part No's.


            I hope that all makes sense!


            thanks again for your time.


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              Monica Singh Adobe Employee


              As every file format has its individuality, same is true with epub.

              Since we have reflowability as the main USP of epub, there's no such point of having page numbers in it.


              Now, coming to your document, Paragraph styles(how so many they are),TOC Indexing are supported in InDesign.

              Support for Various number of tables with different styles applied to them is supported to an extent.

              Also, support for the merged cells and the image in a cell is there in epub too.


              All you might need to take bit care about is layouting your document in InDesign so that it appears as desired in .epub.


              So I think epub can be a good option to you.



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                WorkingSti11 Level 1

                hi Monica

                thanks for your input, I will set page numbering on a separate layer in future so they can be hidden for the E-Pub version of the Catalogue.