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    Flash audio problems



      Ill get straight to the point.

      I am making an animation in flash professional. I just downloaded and installed the trial version from adobe cloud.


      Ok, so the problem i am having is whenever i put in a sound file, it works. But when i customize the sound file, for example I want the sound to play from the 10th second, it does not work. When I press ctrl+ enter to watch my video, it starts from the first second and not from where I have customized it.

      Also, the sounds over lap each other. If I have 2 sound files, at different frames. For example, A sound file is 50 seconds. I start the sound file at 1 second, and put a keyframe at the 30th second to stop the sound file, it will not stop. Futher more, If i have another key frame at another layer at the 33rd frame with another sound file, the first sound file will keep on playing and will overlap the sound file.



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          Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

          How are you setting your audio to play from 10th second? Can you describe the steps that you are following.

          For the latter part, you'll need to set your audio sync property to Stream, so that the audio plays only for the duration of your frame length.

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            Player123 Level 1

            Thank you for your answer! I totally forgot to do that

            Sure, for customization,

            When you insert your audio file, click to see its properties on the right.

            Under the properties, there is " effect". Right next to effect, there is a sign of a pencil. Click on it and you will reach the edit envelope. Once you get there, you will see a line in the middle which starts from 0----5----10. Drag the point to the wherever you want to start your audio from. There is a play button in the edit envlope for you to see where you are starting your music from