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    ColorProfile error ColorySync After installing Photoshop

    Drt.Sifirus Level 1

      Dear Readers and Happy Photoshop Users,


      I would like to Inform you, when you are working on a Mac, and you use the ColorySync Utility, you might have already saw an issue

      on the following profiles, when trying to Verify these Colorprofiles:

           - AnimePalette.icc

           - ColorNegative.icc

           - RedBlueYellow.icc

           - Smokey.icc

           - TealMagentaGold.icc

           - TotalInkPreview.icc


      With one of the following Error:

      Error: "Header message digest (MD5) is not Correct"

      Error: "Tag 'pseq: Required Tag is not present"


      This is not a Really big issue, and the Solution is pretty Simple:

           Navigate in the Finder to: " /Libary/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/ "

           Select the first Profile that is giving the Error: AnimePalette.icc -> CTRL+Click (Right Click)

           Select 'Get Info' -> in the Sharing and Permissions subject:

           Click the Lock, and enter your password, so you can change the options.

           If you don't have a password, leave it empty and click ok.

           Click on the + symbol in the left corner, so you can add a user.

           Select: Administrators and set the Permissions to 'Read and Write'

           * Repeat these steps for all the faulthy Color profiles


      After this you can Repeat to Verify and Repair the Colorprofiles and you will see the issue is resolved.

      Hopefully this will help you resolve the problem whenever you experienced it.