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    Issues with text presets


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      I am having issues with using the presets on my macbook mac os x Ver. 10.7.5 8gb. Currently have installed After Effects CS6. The text presets are located outside of AE application but not in the program itself. How can I fix this?

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Animation presets appear in a different category from effects.

          Scroll to the top of the Effects & Presets panel and you should see animation presets there.

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            bogiesan Level 4

            You can also see the AE presets in Bridge. With a bit of fiddling, you can have a movie preview window in the Bridge interface.

            Getting from Bridge into AE is pretty easy.


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              Well, my issues began when I installed bridge. After that the text presets are no longer there. I have uninstalled both After Effects and Bridge, but I get the same result as the picture featured in this forum. I have reinstalled Ae, and have tried to work with Adobe to resolve the issue on 2 chats so far, but to no ab=vail. One of the "techs" looked right att he issue and said it looks normal. Yeah, does not bode well for Adobe when their techs don't recognize a problem when they see it.