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    Working with polygon shapes and defining active/non-active mouseover areas (imported shapes)?


      Hey guys!


      Really struggling with this one. Since Edge only has rectangles and ellipses built in as available shapes, how to I/we work with polygon shapes and active mouseover areas INSIDE of these shapes and non-active mouseover areas OUTSIDE of the shapes?


      Problem/symptom: when I import a polygon, be it any file format from from Photoshop or SVG from Illustrator, a rectangular border/background (transparent) gets applied, leading to this rectangle defining the mouseover area of the shape - and not the shape itself (be it a star or whatever).


      WHAT I WANT: the very shape defines the mouseover area. How do I achieve this?? See examle below:


      polygon active areas.png


      WHAT I DON'T WANT: how is is now:


      polygon active areas_dont want.png