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    Recent Items missing - Need work around

    james_dean1986 Level 1

      A netwrok group policy has kicked in on my machine (which I have managed to evade for 2 years) and the recently opened items has stopped displaying. The recent items options in Preferences>File handling is also greyed out. The recently opened items in the Start menu>properties is greyed out too. I know its the policy that is the root cause.


      The list does not generate at all, even while I am active in the program.


      However, Illustrator and Photoshop are still recalling the recently opened files as they normally would. While I know they are all different programs this gives me hope that there is a slim chance I can find a work around? Maybe redirecting where the data is saved or somethign along those lines?


      Running CS5.5 Master Collection, Windows 7.





      PS. just to add there is nothing in the group policy that is specifically directed at Indesign as i am the only person that has it.