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    Adding Javascript to a Digital Signature

    pesby Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I have been browsing the forum for the good portion of the last 2 days and have been unable to fix my problem (if it is fixable).  I wasn't really sure what forum to post it, but since it mostly a Javascript question and I am not exerienced in Java, I posted it here.


      I created a form with Acrobat Pro XI and will be read in Reader X.  My goal is to be able to insert a digital signature from the Forms menu on Acrobat and within the Digital Signature Properties, Signed tab, I would like to input Javascript into the "This script executes when field is signed:" section.  This script would email the document as a PDF with all of the form fields locked or flattened.  If possible I would like to change the name of the document and add specific subject line to the email. 


      I have tried using the following script bu it errors out on the cSubmitAs.


      this.submitForm({cUrl: “mailto:mail@domain”, cSubmitAs: "PDF",})


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,