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    Vector shapes suddenly looks jagged when exported from InDesign to pdf

    perrybrus Level 1

      I've read several discussions on pdf export topics but none of them seem to solve this issue. I have an indesign document with multiple pages, its both vector shapes, text and pixel graphics. I worked on this for weeks and I exported this document to pdf numerous times and it all looked good every time I did it. All of a sudden I started to get a very bad looking export, just out of the blue the shapes, logos etc got this jagged look and it looks aweful - see my enclosed examples.


      I have done nothing to my pdf export setup, InDesign setup or any screen preferances. It's just a mystery to me. It seems to be hurting all my sirculare shapes and not my text in general! Every pixel image / photography exports perfect to pdf. My page display is set to smooth text rendering in my pdf preferences. What's up? What puzzles me is this happened so sudden after numerous fine exports.  I'm using InDesign CS6.



      This is the O in a logo that's been placed on a page. The right one is what I get when I export to pdf now, the left one is what I used to get