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    text formatting in flash forms

      is it possible to format text in a cfform type="flash." I have a cfgrid pulling information from a query, then a bunch of cfformitems that displays the data of the selected grid element. The problem I have is that in the database many of the columns are just huge chunks of text that I need to format to look presentable (replace specific characters with line breaks, etc.). I've tried researching ways to do this, but so far no luck. I tried taking care of the data before inputting it in the DB, however when you use the bind command in cfformitem it ignores the html characters.

      For example:

      <cfformitem type="html" name="ranges" readonly="YES" label="Ranges:" bind="{testGrid.dataProvider[testGrid.selectedIndex]['ranges']}" width="300" /> produces:

      0Y 00M 00D^F^CL N/A^^CH N/A^, 0Y 00M 00D^M^CL N/A^^CH N/A^, 18^F^CL N/A^53-357^CH N/A^, 18^M^CL N/A^53-357^CH N/A^,

      and I need it to format it into a nice looking table or something (delimiting on the ^ character and comma's).

      I know that probably sounds convoluted but any help would be appreciated