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    Help With Color settings


      Please help me to setup the right color setting for my works.

      I use Photoshop mainly for photography/photomanip for print and web display.


      I have a Dell U2410 IPS monitor.

      Photoshp CC

      Windows 8


      Now my settings Are:


      Monitor Preset Modes: sRGB


      PS Color Settings: Europe General Purpose 3

                                       sRGB IEC61966-2.1

                                       Coated FOGRA39


      PS Proof Setup: Working CMYK


      I can't understand if for me is better to work in sRGB or RGB in PS and if i need to set my monitor preset in sRGB or RGB.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The U2410 is a wide gamut monitor, which not many have. That has some special implications that you need to observe.


          First some background: Historically, all monitors had a native response that was very close to the sRGB specification. In fact, that's what the sRGB specification is: a description of the behavior of an average monitor. This means that an image prepared in sRGB will display roughly correctly as it is.


          But a wide gamut monitor is not close to sRGB; it's close to Adobe RGB. Not an exact match, just close. So an sRGB image will not display correctly; it will be very oversaturated because of the wider gamut.


          Color management takes care of all this by remapping the colors from one color space into another, preserving appearance. It solves the whole problem - except many applications are not color managed at all. But even if the application is color managed, like Photoshop, it relies on a monitor profile to display correctly. So you absolutely need to get a calibrator to make a monitor profile.


          Using the sRGB preset will "dumb the monitor down" to conform to an average monitor. But there's no particular reason to limit it this way, as long as you work in a color managed environment.


          For web work you need a web browser that has full color management in all scenarios, which means Firefox. No other browser will display correctly on that monitor in all cases. The problem is that a lot of material on the web does not have an embedded document profile, which is the other requirement for color management to operate. You need a document profile and a monitor profile. One is converted into the other. With only one, it's like one hand clapping.


          Firefox can be set to work fully color managed even in the absence of an embedded profile. It does this by assigning sRGB for the missing profile. Thus the chain is back in operation. Unfortunately this has to be manually enabled (it should really have been the default). To do this, type "about:config", without the quotes, in the address bar and hit go. Then scroll down to an entry called gfx.color_management.mode. Change it from 2 to 1.


          In Photoshop you can work in any color space you want, but sRGB is a safe choice until you know more. In any case, always convert to sRGB for posting on the web.




          To sum up: a wide gamut monitor absolutely requires a fully color managed environment to work as intended. That also means you must calibrate and profile it.


          You can get around it by using the sRGB preset, but then it's no longer a wide gamut monitor.