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    Cp6 - background mismatch

    AndyKingInOC Level 4

      I searched but didn't find this, hopefully it's not a repeat.




      I recorded a lot slides yesterday, a mixture of automatic captures and some manual print-screen captures.


      During preview and after publish (swf), I had a slide where the background was not updating.


      That is Slide 1 > Slide 2, Slide 2 would show Slide 1's background at runtime, but on the editing stage slide 2 show's the correct background image.


      I tried duplicating slide 1 and slide 2, then deleting the original slides but no change.



      This morning I right clicked on slide 2, and 'find background in library' and it showed me the background image in the library for slide 1.  I searched through the library but did not find the background image for slide 2.



      Is there something I'm doing to cause this while recording, or is there some way to fix it while editing?