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    Trying to determine which account can open my books.


      I've been using DE with four Overdrive Libraries for a few months now and it's worked well. Some of these libraries also have 3m and Axis 360. At some point, I think I addiitionally authorized DE to use 3M. Last night I used a new vendor that required me to erase previous authroization of DE and re-authorize using their service in order to read one book. I read the book and then re-authorized with my Adobe ID. Now my issue is that none of the books that I have on loan from my libraries are available for me to read or return. I downloaded two new books from a library last night under the authorized Adobe ID and after erasing and reauthorizing DE with that Adobe ID, niether of those books can be opened, nor can any of the other, borrowed previous to authorization library books, be opened. Setting aside the issue of these two new books that can't be opened with the Adobe ID I knew they were borrowed/downloaded with, how can I determine the nature (Vendor and ID) of whatever my other current borrowed books are? And now that these two books aren't working under a known ID, how can I determine whether or not the same issue isn't affecting all of the other books I've borrowed from Overdrive that may have been borrowed under the same ID? SO basically, I'm asking for help determining which books were borrowed under which ID and once that's established, whether or not that is in fact the issue that's keeping them from being accessible.


      Note: I do have a granular back up, and if there is a need to restore system or preference files to what they were yesterday, I'd just need to know what those files are in order to get back to a working DE library. I'm working with an iMac running Mavericks, DE 2.0.