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    Adobe now #2 on my list of hated Software Companies

    pacman640 Level 1

      Why Adobe?


      Why must you load acrobat on StartUp?


      Why must you lie to me, telling me it's necessary at start-up?


      Why then, do you tell me to go to msconfig and disable it... forever having to run a Selective Start-up?


      Why do you put your wants, before your customer's needs?


      I can wait the 5 extra seconds to start Acrobat... so put back the option to Disable at Startup.


      And what is this Adobe IPC Broker?  Why is it there when I have no Adobe software running?


      Are you listening?  When will you start listening and stop making excuses?


      I apologize for my bluntness, for my harshness, but I pay you good money every month and simplay ask that your relinquish control of my hardware to me!!!


      You see, I get paid to produce work, and your software keeps slowing me down.  And then when I can't take it anymore, I call your support, who are p[aid to lie to me and give me excuses.  But them being good, honest people, when I question them directly, they admit the truth... no we do not need these files to run at Start-Up, and yes, using "msconfiog" is a work around, and not ideal.  And yes, Adobe should not, and does not have to do this to us.


      For me, it comes down to disrespect.  Maybe your average user is uninformed and can easily be fooled.  But you need to accomodate advanced users, not interfere with them.


      All I want in my PC life is to be able to keep my computer running on NORMAL START-UP.


      Ok, a bit more...


      I also want to be able to have full control over my computer,


      and I want you to stop changing my settings every time I do an update...


      Oh yeah, and I also want you to stop trying to insert 3rd party virus programme that I do not want or need.  I do not care how much they pay you, I already pay you, and I pay you to not treat me like a fool!


      Stop slowing us down Adobe!!!!