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    QuickTime not supported on After Effects


      Hey everyone


      I have spent some time trying to figure this out on my own and looked at a whole bunch of the threads and forums on here to help figure out my issue, but alas I can't. I know that people have expressed an issue with this before, but After Effects was working fine for me until a couple days ago and this was the first time I saw this message


      Before I begin.

      I am working with Adobe CS5 Suite, so any and all other programs (premiere, media encoder) are saying that .mov (quicktime) files are not supported and they failed to import.


      I am working on a windows 7 PC

      64-bit operating system



      This is the warning that pops up when I first open After effects.


      I didn't understand this warning because I have QuickTime and it works fine.


      I still wanted to check to see if I was able to import the file.









      Even still, I tried importing a different file and the same message popped up.



      I know that these files work. I have played them through QuickTime and tested them and they are not damaged. and the 01.mov file has been imported into after effects and premiere before, which was why I wanted to test this file as well.



      And here is a shot that shows taht the file is playing, and that in the upper left you see the quicktime icon.



      I changed my administrator permission for quicktime, thinking I didn't have permission anymore for some reason. re-installed QuickTime (now having the most up-to-date version) and the same message keeps popping up.


      My QuickTime component folder was empty when I went to look at it. I remember reading elsewhere that maybe I needed to remove the components and see which one was the issue, but there is nothing in there.

      I am unaware if there are any third party plug ins that could be causing this issue?


      I also wasn't able to figure out how to allow communication with After Effects and QuickTime through the firewall software that I have

      Maybe that would be the issue? I don't even know if they are or aren't communicating between themselves already or not.



      What confuses me is that bringing in a .mov file was never an issue before. and then these error messages started to happen.


      Here is another error message I was getting when working with Media Encoder. I tried bringing in the same file as above to see if I couldn't convert it.





      This was the error message that I received.




      I guess I'm asking if anyone else is still having this issue with .mov files trtying to be imported into After Effects, Premiere, and Media Encoder. And if so, how did you fix your issues?



      Thank you for any input that you guys may have to help me fix this.


      - Steve

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          See this article for troubleshooting tips, including answers to several of the questions that you have in your post:

          http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2011/02/troubleshooting-quicktime-errors-with-after-ef fects.html


          The problem is that other applications aren't able to find and communicate with QuickTime. Maybe that's because of an update to your security software that is blocking the communciation; maybe it's because the QT32 Server component is crashing... See the above article to learn about many possible causes.


          Also, it is very important that you give details, including exact version numbers, when asking for help. Please provide answers to the questions listed here: "FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?"

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            BTW, this thread from you from more than a month ago makes me think that you have something like firewall/security software getting in the way, since you've also experienced blockage of Dynamic Link communication between applications:


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              Steve.B Level 1

              Hey Todd


              Thank you for your input and help.


              First, I do not have any issues anymore with my dynamic link and being able to export projects or convert file formats anymore. I do not know why I was unable to do so before, but i recently was able to connect and export 3 separate different projects since the post I added about a month ago. One of them being the project I am currently working on that I posted the QuickTime question about.


              I also went to check for software updates under the Help drop down menu in After Effects and it said that all the software was up-to-date. (I have version 10.0.2 - maybe there is an update that my software isn't recognizing that I would need to install that could fix the issue?)


              I can give more details that were listed in the "information I should provide.." link that you sent over.


              I am running After Effects with the Creative Suite CS5.0 and the version of After Effects I have is 10.0.2


              I also have an external Matrox Max for uploading some content onto my computer.


              My desktop is a Windows 7 as previously stated.

              12 GB RAM

              64-bit operating system

              Intel Core i7 CPU Processor x980 @ 3.33GHz


              And the QuickTime that i have is

              Maybe If I can't get a new software update for AE (if my AE is not up to date), I could try installing an older version of QuickTime? Maybe that would solve the issue?



              I just tried deleting that folder from "AppData>Roaming>Adobe>After Effects>10.0" rebooted after effects and the computer, and that didn't work.