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    unable to publish my animation


      edge will not even give me the option to publish my animation.. i am unable to click on the "publish" section under file>publish

      so i go to file>publish settings  but when i get there it will only allow me to "save" in all the normal ways... trouble is im a newbie and when i try to save it to a folder on my desktop it doesnt show up....


      sure its something simple that im not understanding but any help is appreciated!



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          hemanthR Adobe Employee

          Files published out of animate will be html,js and images if any.

          Publish button is on the left hand side of the publish settings panel


          Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 12.27.32 am.png


          You need the select the kind of content you want to publish from the publish settings dialog

          Like the Static Html,the OAM file (Animate Deployment Package) or the OSX dashboard widget,

          By default none of these are selected,thus nothing is published when you click on Publish button.


          Here is a tutorial to place Animate content in Muse


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            anon007 Level 1

            thank you @hamanth kumar r.


            unfortunatly the "publish button doesnt make itself pressable even after i have checked where i would like it to save.. so the only option i have is "save" when i try to save it doesnt apear... is this because im trying to save it onto my desktop? is there a certain type of folder i need to put it in? i want an oam file but i cant figure out how to create it and where to save it so i can access it and load it on to my adobe muse...


            i can go to file>save as and save it to my desktop but that only saves as html and i cant figure out how to make all that work either haha


            thanks for the link.. it looks like it will be very helpful once i find out how to save/publish an oam file

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              anon007 Level 1

              please help!!!! hahaha

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                hemanthR Adobe Employee

                Saving on the desktop should not cause any problem.


                Now can follow the following steps and le me know if you could publish.


                1)Create a new files in Animate

                2)Create a empty folder on  your desktop and save the file on that empty folder(File->Save screen shot below)

                Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 8.50.34 am.png

                3)Now is the publish button accessible?(publish button is accessible only after saving your file from file menu)


                Refer here for publishing different sought of content



                Specifically for publishing OAM

                1. Select File > Publish Settings.
                2. In the Publish Settings dialog box, make sure Animate Deployment Package is selected as the publish target.
                3. Note or change the target directory.
                4. (Optional) Specify a poster image.
                5. Click Save to save the publish settings, or click Publish.
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