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    AE CS6 bug? How can I fix it?

    Razv Level 1

      Hi guys, I have a quick question for you.



      I have a problem that annoys me inside AE CS6 interface. I have recorded the screen showing the problem.



      Everytime I hit the Tilde key to enter in full screen and I want to open a precomp, the composition that I am in it keeps closing. If I do the same thing but not in Full Screen, everything is ok.





      Any thoughts?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Thanks for the screen capture. It would be better if there was some audio or you were displaying the keystrokes. A step by step would help a lot.


          Here's what I think you are doing:

          1. With the composition window selected you press the ~ key to enter full screen mode
          2. Inside the full screen window you select a pre-comp in your main comp
          3. You double click the precomp to open it
          4. Full Screen exits and you see only the pre-comp, the original comp closes


          If the pre-comp is not already open in the timeline view in the latest version of CC or in the latest version of CS6 that is exactly what happens, but if I have my main comp open in the timeline and the pre-comp is also open in the timeline, the main comp does not close. The only way I can get the main comp to close is to not have the pre-comp open in the timeline.


          Logically this does look like a bug. Until you pointed it out I've never run into this kind of thing because I almost always have my pre-comps open in the timeline.


          Please confirm that your behavior is as I have described. If so, try and explain it in detail and add a bug report to the Adobe Database. Be sure to include system and AE version details.

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            Razv Level 1

            Indeed you've described the steps correctly.


            I've tested with the precomps opened in the timeline and you're right, the main composition stays open.


            You say that this behavior is normal in CS6 and above? So adobe team is aware of this issue.


            Thanks for taking time to resopnd to my question.