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    Roto Brushing

    wycks Level 1



      I'm using the roto brush tool for the first time and I've found that it lags considerably when I'm trying to see what the roto brush tool is doing to nearby frames.  I have to wait way too long to see one frame.  Thing is, I think my boss might be willing to upgrade my computer or get me a new one but I need to know exactly what I need if I'm going to approach him about it.


      Any thoughts/recomendations on what I should do?  I'm going to be using a lot of the roto brush tool for a project that will be ongoing for a while.



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          wycks Level 1

          Forgot to say what I'm working with now--do I need a new computer or just some upgrades?


          Intel Core i7 - 3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz

          32 GB RAM

          64-bit operating system

          ATI Radeon HD 5570

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What 64 bit operating system? What kind of footage? Have you gone through the tutorials and the FAQ about Rotobrush? Do you know now to set span? What version of AE right down to the last decimal point?


            I have no clue what may be causing this problem. It could be anything from the codec used in the original footage to the size of the footage, to the available ram, to your memory settings, to an out of date version of AE.

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              wycks Level 1

              Windows 7 pro


              footage in 1920 1080 AVCHD but mainly I need to work in 600x600 FLV


              Yes I know how to set span and it goes really really really slow when I'm trying to see how the shot looks in one frame that is in the span


              After Effects CC

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                AVCHD isn't a really good type of footage to use: AE has to do a lot of looking backward & forward to reconstruct the video current frame. 


                As a test, transcode one of your clips to.... oh, say, a quicktime movie in Photo JPEG codec a lossless Windows codec and see if it speeds up Rotobrush for you.