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    Stuck with Typed.js

    Mücahit Çakır

      Hi again everyone,

      I'm trying to implement js plugins to Edge Animate in my free time. Mostly i can't do that, and i always need your help. Now i'm stucked with Typed.js

      It seems very easy to use, but i don't know what i am doing wrong. Here is my creationComplete:


      Also i've set div class as "element". Also i don't know how to implement this CSS code for blinking cursor in EA:

        opacity: 1;
        font-weight: 100;
        // add prefixes
        animation: blink 0.7s infinite;
      @-keyframes blink{
        0% { opacity:1; }
        50% { opacity:0; }
        100% { opacity:1; }