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    Interactive videos


      I am interested in making interactive videos and distributing them on different platforms (computer download, tablets, smartphones). What software package(s) would be best for me? Would an interactive video created with the adobe package(s) work on all operating systems?

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What do you mean by "interactive video"?

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            If you want a video that changes depending on user interaction, you use Flash Professional. You may use After Effects to create the component movies that you assemble in Flash Professional.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              After Effects makes shots or short sequences as video. Non Linear Editors make Movies and render them as videos. A movie tells a story, a sequence or a shot tells part of a story. Neither is interactive unless you embed your video in a playback system that has the capability of adding interactivity. These include YouTube, which has the ability to add limited interactivity through links and overlays, HTML 5 and java script (similar limited capability) or Flash (not mobile friendly at all) which has extensive interactive capability or app development platforms like xCode for iOS devices.


              After Effects will take you weeks or maybe months to learn to use, A nle will take you weeks, and and HTML 5 or Flash will also take you weeks if not months and years to learn to use.


              Tell us exactly what you want to do and we can point you in the right direction but your line "interactive videos and distributing them on different platforms (computer download, tablets, smartphones)" kind of puts you directly in the app development mode using HTML 5 and something like XCode. No part of the interactive part of your project is as easy as adding a button and making things work.

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                rmel82 Level 1

                Interactive features I am looking to put into the video are:


                1) The user can press a word or picture in the presentation and get a box come up with information and/or get sent to a new screen to start off an animation.


                2) The user can drag and drop answers into spaces provided.


                3) Additional things that might be good would be mini quizes such as word searches, crosswords.


                I've hyperlinked presenations before using powerpoint so I know linking to a new screen can be done with hyperlinks in powerpoint. I am not sure about 2) and 3). I would do the interactivity as part of a website if the software that was easiest to use didn't provide a format that would work on multiple platforms, that way I could test whether people like it and then I would be more comfortable paying a coder to make it avaliable across multiple platforms.


                Any ideas as to how to do 2) and maybe 3).  I would be interested in the best software for website use that doesn't take much time to learn (I am not great at coding). Software I have already that might helpful inc; photoshop/premiere elements 12 and powerpoint 2013. If I am only doing website presentations I know 1) is possible but is 2) with those? If its possible do I need any software to polish the presentation (e.g. something to make it run smoothly on the web)?

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  All three of the things you want can be done on a website with Flash or HTML 5.


                  1 can be done without much of a learning curve.


                  2 and 3, on the other hand, can not. I think you have two choices. You can either take some time to learn about how to use some new software and do some a lot of code or you can get someone to work with/for you on this project. Although, I guess you have a third choice as well: give up entirely - but that's no fun.