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    Global Mute Button for FLV Playback Component?

      I am building an e-learning course that uses audio voiceover. Each page of the course begins with the voiceover playing. The user can stop, start, or pause the voiceover. There may be one or more voiceover instances per page depending on page length or if other activities are present. All-in-all, there will be about 80 separate FLV audio voiceovers used throughout the course. Each page of the course is an html page (about 40 total), and each voiceover FLV is embedded/called individually.

      As the voiceover is turned on by default, some users would rather take the course without sound. Instead of making the user stop or start each voiceover instance, I would like to add a global mute-button. This button needs to communicate across all voiceover instances setting the volume to mute=on/off. This way, the user only needs to press one button to turn all audio on or off throughout the course as desired.

      I see there is a mute button available in the Flash 8 FLVPlayback component options. How do I script this button to talk globally to other FLV voiceover instances and solve the problem mentioned above?