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    2013 8 Core Mac Pro VS 2013 Haswell i7 iMac

    Espience Films Level 1

      So I;m contemplating the two and need help! Mainly for 3 1080p Camera Multi-Camera edits, and some 1 4K Camera Editing do I use


      2013 Mac Pro

      -8 Core

      -64GB RAM

      -512GB PCIE Hard Drive

      -Dual D700 6GB Graphics Cards




      2013 Haswell iMac

      -i7 4771

      -32GB RAM


      -1TB Hard Drive


      I heard that the 2013 Mac Pro is actually slower than the iMac due to it's D700 Driver updtes not working while the iMac has NVIDIA Cuda, that Adobe uses. I dont mind speding the money for the mac pro, but I dont know if I should wait until I make enough from a project that NEEDS the Mac Pro and THEN spend the money! Help me out!! Thanks