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    Deploying only Acrobat XI Pro CC package w/ Enterprise Serial # - Still getting "Sign In Required"


      Downloaded Creative Cloud Packager to create a serialized package of only Acrobat XI Pro.  I further customize the deployment via Adobe Customization Wizard XI, but did not re-enter the serial number (as suggested).  I am able to deploy from the Exceptions folder with the following cmd, msiexec /i "%inst%AcroPro.msi" PATCH="%inst%Updates\AcrobatUpd11006.msp" TRANSFORMS="%inst%Transforms\en_US.mst" /qn.  Upon launching Acrobat, I receive the a pop-up message, "Sign In Required.  Siging in with an Adobe ID and registering Creative Cloud Membership Enterprise is required within 32767 days otherwise it will stop working."  I don't understand why the serial number and Adobe ID I enterred when packaging did not carry over.  Any insight would be appreciated.