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    CFCONTENT displaying MS-Word Docs and IE

      I have an application that displays various documents. If the user select a MS-Word document it is displayed correctly. A separate browser is opened and the document is displayed within it. But, if the user attempts to display a second document, the separate browser is opened and only a blank page is displayed. This problem only shows up when using Internet Explorer. When I use Firefox, everything works as I would expect.

      Here is the code I'm using to display the document.

      <cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="filename=#Session.FileName#">
      <cfcontent type="#variables.type#" deletefile="yes" file="#DirPath#/#Session.FileName#">

      I have attempted to remove the 'deletefile="yes"', thinking the file may be being deleted before being displayed, but that wasn't true.

      If I go with the old stand-by of:

      <CFLOCATION URL="temp/#Session.ID#/#Session.FileName#" addtoken="no">

      Everything works fine except the file is left behind and the URL to the file is displayed (not a good thing).

      Any ideas?