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    How to keep color when switching from RGB to Indexed Color Mode?

    soloalpinist Level 1

      I'm working in Photoshop CS6


      In Photoshop I've designed a custom crop screen for use in Magic Lantern (a program that runs with Canon cameras)   The project is in 8bit RGB and to be able to use it (in Magic Lantern) I have to change it to Indexed Color (using a an .act file provided fom them) Then I have to save it as a .bmp.  When I chnage from RGB to Indexed color (loading the .act file) the color in my Photoshop project turns to grey.


      I haven't worked with Indexed colors or changing the color mode etc.


      My question is... how can I keep the color (or a color similar, compatible color) to what I created in RGB when I convert it to Indexed Color using the .act file?


      Any suggestions?