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    My adobe flash player keeps crashing.


      Firefox, windows 8 with a windows 7 shell.


      Symptom: I can play about a minute of any video, but then the program stalls.  I get an error message that Flash PLayer has crashed.  Every time.  I can sometimes use the slide bar on a video to 'jump ahead'.  When I do, Flahs Player crashes again,and this time the video screen goes blank (green!). 


      I've tried everything listed on the 'using Adobe' FAQ site: deleting the cache and two other folders.  No difference. 


      I've also tried re-installing Adobe Flash player.  But my system blocks it, saying 'certificate unauthenticated'.  I've tried a dozen times with the same result.


      History: This started happening right after I had to re-load some software (Open Office).  Before that, no problem. 


      And also, I get many more popups now (after the re-load of Open Office) than before.  Including noisy ones, and ones that open new Mozilla screens.  Never happened before.  Oh, and the noisy ones quite after a minute or so---because they're using Adobe Flash, which crashes!!!


      Is there any clue to my problem in what I've written?  I"m going nuts. I use YouTube information for my work, and now cannot access it.