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    Why is AE running so slow?

    AnAngryPillock Level 1

      So this is my first time using After Effects CC on my newly built PC. I imported a 15 min long 1080p 60FPS video into AE, and it is basically unusable! The entire interface lags, it won't even play the video, it takes forever to move the time indicator, the effects take years to render, and it won't even respond when I try to add the comp to the Adobe Media Encoder queue. Meanwhile this video edits and runs smoothly in Final Cut Pro X on my early 15" MacBook Pro. What gives? The PC specs include an i7 4770k OCed to 4.2 GHz, 8 GB of RAM 1600MHz, GTX 780 Ti OCed to 1.2 GHz, and a WD Black 7200 RPM 1TB HDD.