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    Disk setup with an SSD


      I'm running Premiere Pro CS5 on a machine that is now having an SSD installed and that until now has had the following configuration:


      C: = 1 TB HDD = OS, apps, pagefile (currently is contains about 270 GB of data)

      D: = 1 TB HDD = temporary/swap files (not sure what my Premiere Pro guru originally told me to do but I know we did something along those lines)

      E: = 3x 1 TB HDD in RAID5 for 2 TB storage = data, which I'm sure currently includes all render files  (not a lot of available space but surely a lot I can delete to make room)


      I realize that's not as descript as it should be (for instance, I came across this guide by Harm Millaard for disk setup: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662972), but we're about to change things anyway.


      I'm now replacing the C: drive with a 512 GB SSD.


      I'm wondering what an optimal disk setup would be for this new situation.


      Note that I am going to clone the current OS-and-apps installation from the current C: HDD to the new C: SSD, so that limits any flexibility there, and likewise the data that's on the E: RAID5 array is going to remain there.


      So, the questions are whether to put all temp etc etc (what, specifically?) onto the new SSD C: drive and eliminate the D: drive, or to keep the D: drive and spell out what goes on C: and what goes on D: and, if the latter, what should go where.


      By the way, I've read that it's ideal to delete all render files once a project is done in order to save "lots" of space, which I'm mentioning in case that should be taken into consideration as well when deciding what to put where.


      (Also, I'd appreciate it if you could please point me to where to go into PP CS5 to set those designations.)


      Based on the chart at the above link, I'm thinking this is my best bet:


      C: OS, apps and pagefile (I assume by pagefile we're talking the setting you make for Virtual Memory in Windows 7)

      D: Preview, Media Cache, Exports

      E: Media and Projects


      This seems best since I have more room on E: and because I already have my media and projects on E:.


      If that's correct, I see where to select the location for Media Cache files Edit > Preference > Media), and I realize that I choose where to put Exports as well as Media and Projects as I'm working, so my question would be where to find the setting for Preview files.


      (And are Preview files the same as Render files? If so, that makes it easier to delete them when I'm done with a project, by having them in one location. It would be great if it is all in a specific folder. I'm wondering if that's how it should be done.)




      EDIT: I've now discovered "New Project > Scratch Disks." (I presume that Captured Video and Captured Audio fall under the definition of Media for our purposes.)