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    Can't create book


      When I try to create a new book in Indesign CC, it opens without any pages, and all the pages options are greyed out.
      The only thing I can do is add a document. But until I create the new book, I don't have any documents to add.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          A book does not contain anything other than pointers to a group of files that will comprise your book. This is usually used for very long documents that are broken down into chapters.




          If you only need a single file then create a new document, not a new book.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I think you have a misunderstanding of InDesign terminology.


            A Document is a file you create in ID and save with the .indd file type. It can be anything from an advertisement to a brochure to business card to a custom letterhead to a product catalog to your memoir.


            A Book (.indB file) is nothing more than a way to collect a lot of different .indd files together so you can work on them conveniently, and synchronize page numbering and styles.


            I suspect waht you want is File > New > Document... and from there you can set up page specs. Once you have a document you can add content to it.

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              bugswhiskers1 Level 1

              Bob and Peter: Thanks for your replies which fully explain where I am going wrong. Pushed for time, and I didn't give the brain a chance to think it through.

              You'd never think I've been using InDesign since CS2, would you?

              Much appreciated.